After Effects Tutorial: Textures and Simple Animation

This was as part of an on going lecture series on different softwares.

During this lecture we learned about various aspects on animation including importing Illustrator files, using the wiggler effect, adding textures, making layers parent layers and simple animation techniques.

GIFs and Instagram

So I learnt how to make simple GIF’s in photoshop using the stacking scripts function, for the sake of my new job at ExHighStreet. I have been working on various Facebook posts and website graphics for them, the main one at the moment is for their instagram (See Below).


In other news, I have now joined Instagram. I have been pestered for long enough about joining it, so I have now taken the leap. #HashtagsAreNew. So please follow me @scarletruthmargaret .

Less Is More

Whilst working through the “Making Marilyn” project tutorial, I noticed something very specific. When tracing an original image you are told to simplify the path you draw to make it look neater.

It made me consider that perhaps less is more. When working in design, there is a fine line between dynamic and over the top. I think we need to learn to master the art of knowing the difference and set our standards there. If this project has taught me anything, it’s that beauty can just be simple, it doesn’t need to be complex at all. Just like in music, where if you strip back the music to just an acoustic piece, it will always sound beautiful.

Academia In Adobe

Week commencing 10th February, taught me that there is a lot more to graphics than the philosophy and making work pieces. In the tutorial session, we briefly went over how to use Adobe Premiere Pro.

It brought me back to high school’s ICT and business communication lessons. It refreshed my memory on what certain terms mean and what the abbreviations for items were. Part of me regrets saying “When will I ever need this in the real world”. I think it’s like karma. Thankfully, I remembered the majority.

We learnt about file formats, and what they would be best suited for, for example, the differences in using R3D formats to Standard HDV. File sizes and quality are a key point to think about when choosing these formats. 

We looked further int how we could save the documents, for example we could use multiple devices that had RAM in them, to help speed up the working process. Many people, including myself, would probably get frustrated at how slow a computer can get when working on large files. 

Finally, during this tutorial, we learnt how edit a video, briefly. There were three ways to “cut” a video piece: using the razor tool, using ripple delete and a 3 point edit. All of which were effective and couple be used when editing real documents. 

Basic Typography

In todays Illustrator tutorial we learnt the basics in hope to draw our own type. We also learnt how to set up guides, and their designated names, including baseline, midline etc.

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 10.25.38

As seen above, you can see that we experimented with not only colour, but also dissecting intersecting lines, to create a new shape, but also experimented with stoke sizes and the pen tool.

Typography is an important part of graphic design and will need to be studied further if I choose to pursue this topic further.

Self Directed Learning

I think it’s always good to learn tips and tricks outside of university as well as in lessons. Self directed learning can help you in your own projects as well as aid in your own work. Here is a piece I created with the help of an online tutorials.


Interesting Self Tutorial

I found an article online, after looking up some tutorials I needed to catch up on. The article listed the things that magazines do to make models look “better”. With the use of some tutorials from the university and my own tutorials, and trial and error, I tried to edit a model in the ways the industry would. Please find below, the original image, a progression and the final piece. I would like to point out that I do not agree with the over use of Photoshop in magazines but I am merely learning about it.