Music Is Life

In relation to the TED Talks presentation on classical music, I also decided to experiment with the relation between life and music. I took readings whilst playing piano of a piece I composed and layered them with the audio waves of the piece to have these experimental outcomes:

Start Of Second Year

With only being a day into the start of the first term of the second year, we have been inundated with information. Whether it is sorting out placements or homework for workshops during the week, we are loving getting back into the habit of things.

So far we have been briefed on a new project: conversation. As a part of the start of this brief we had to take a news article and record a conversation about it. In analysing this, I came to the conclusion that as a human race we are becoming a little less worried about taboo issues, as we didn’t seem to have an issue in discussing the innuendos in the article I specifically chose. With this being said, it has so far put my thought process into looking into double meanings for the main project as a whole. More to come in the future there.

In preparation for a workshop in Adobe After Effects, we had to create a simple portrait on Adobe Illustrator. I am looking forward to knowing what we are going to be doing with these pictures. Here is my self portrait ready for class:


Time Capsule Project

Contacting so many armed forces personnel today it is unreal. Anyone here in the armed forces or have family in the armed forces that wants to be a part of my Graphic project. All you have to do is answer 3 questions:

1. What is your best/favourite memory?
2. What is a tough time you have worked through?
3. If you could tell future generations one thing, what would it be?

Please get in contact with me via the link below