Behind Bars

Behind the bars there are curiosities

They gaze at our every move

They guard us from them

Prowling around, watching and waiting for a millimetre of mistake

I want to do something but fear they’ll laugh

I can’t talk to them, they just think it’s cute

Their skin and fur fascinates us as it changes between them

Their eyes are one of wonder

The smaller ones look at us with innocence but we know the truth

They grow up killers

Perhaps the bars do keep us safe

Safe from them

As we only allow select few to aide us

They are the beasts not us

Diamond Collaborations

This weekend, I was proud to have grandparents like mine. They made it to their 60th (Diamond) wedding anniversary.

I was a designated photographer, though I don’t think I’ll be winning any awards for event photographer any time soon. I also managed to work closely with an amazing baker and cake decorator, to make this cake. I restored this image from black and white to full colour for the Roger’s couple for their 60th Wedding anniversary.

It was a proud moment for all of the family, and it was nice to get us all together on such a positive, momentous occasion for a change.


Cabinet of Curiosity: Finals

Here are the images I have rendered so far. A few are still in the making, but they are finished enough to show you my progressions. All photographs are my own or have been take from my family albums. Enjoy.