Censoring History

Relating what we are taught to The Monuments Men post I did last week, I came across some notes, I had missed from a lecture. The lecture talked about the DocumentA exhibition. Curating exhibitions like that, make history.

In one way, you could say that it in fact replaces the history we lost. World War Two and many other topics are not taught in certain countries, for political reasons. Curating exhibitions can help tell the untold stories. Works from prior centuries can make up for the stories lost over time. It could even be to make the ruins of the world seem nicer.

The ruins from Coventry, after the bombings in WW2, were dumped onto Kassel. Kassel was destroyed anyway from WW2, as it was a prime target due to them manufacturing bomb shells and tanks. In 1955, however, Kassel was chosen to host a garden show. The show was designed to bring back the concept of a not so kosher art form at the time, post modernism. The rubble from the destruction as made to look stunning, but merely making it the canvas for art. As artists, although we are meant to make something beautiful, we also need a purpose and moral to send out in the process. DocumentA X have continuously done this with finesse, around the world, and should be admired.