Live Brief: University Promo

We were each given a statistic for our university, Huddersfield, and told to make a ten second, simple animation in university colours. This project was done under stict time restraints (4hours).

After two quick Adobe Illustrator file creations, this is the final outcome:

Doodles To Learn

After my recent blog posts in regards to my brief titled: Conversation and my self directed learning. I have decided to combine the two for the sake of this brief. With thanks to Digital Tutors, I am slowly going through some tutorials to aid me in making these new compositions.

My initial sketch:

Passion Dance

Editing with Photoshop (Rough copy):


I will now be converting this to an Illustrator file and working through the tutorials to recreate something similar to the Sherlock Holmes credit sequence.

Start Of Second Year

With only being a day into the start of the first term of the second year, we have been inundated with information. Whether it is sorting out placements or homework for workshops during the week, we are loving getting back into the habit of things.

So far we have been briefed on a new project: conversation. As a part of the start of this brief we had to take a news article and record a conversation about it. In analysing this, I came to the conclusion that as a human race we are becoming a little less worried about taboo issues, as we didn’t seem to have an issue in discussing the innuendos in the article I specifically chose. With this being said, it has so far put my thought process into looking into double meanings for the main project as a whole. More to come in the future there.

In preparation for a workshop in Adobe After Effects, we had to create a simple portrait on Adobe Illustrator. I am looking forward to knowing what we are going to be doing with these pictures. Here is my self portrait ready for class:


Social Media

Social Media advertising is one of the fastest growing way of advertising. For this reason I have been experimenting with my own facebook page. From working with Misspap, I have learnt this. Also from working there, I learnt about the specific sizes for social media ads. The images that I have created, or ads, have all been experimental work I have created as I continue to learn about my own abilities.

With the help of a few friends my post had over 200 hits in 24 hours. Today I have released another post, and I hope that my following will grow with the next coming weeks.

FB1 Vintage



After Effects Layers

I did not realise when working through some tutorials that most of the adobe collection have similar tools. A main example of this are the transparency settings and the pen tools.

Transferable skills are very important in any industry, let alone the design industry. One cannot expect to be a master of the entire Adobe collection, but one can aim to conquer the key skills. Transferable skills allow easier transitions between jobs. Using the pen tool, for example, is helpful in Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects, and yet the use of the pen tool can be for different purposes. In one sense, the key to transferable skills is that you need to know how to do something but be able to know that that skill has many purposes.

Basic Typography

In todays Illustrator tutorial we learnt the basics in hope to draw our own type. We also learnt how to set up guides, and their designated names, including baseline, midline etc.

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 10.25.38

As seen above, you can see that we experimented with not only colour, but also dissecting intersecting lines, to create a new shape, but also experimented with stoke sizes and the pen tool.

Typography is an important part of graphic design and will need to be studied further if I choose to pursue this topic further.