The Hunter Vs The Hunted

A designer is both a hunter and is being hunted.

A designer is both searching for themselves and is also being criticised for all their work.

A designer is neither right nor wrong.

A designer is neither loved nor hated by society.

A designer aids people but can also point out fault in people.

When considering what a designer can and cannot do or be, we must also consider the pros and cons of such a profession. One of the major cons for such a profession are the job prospects. This is a dog eat dog industry. Walking over people is a part of the job description. Whether or not this is the moral thing to do, it is one of the only ways to get ahead.

When shining this into a more positive light, instead of walking over people, we can use each other to build each other up and to make ourselves a better designer. In recent times we have made a study group. The main idea behind it, is that we can help each other where others are lacking. Everyone is good at something. One person might be good at using a piece of specific software, but another would be good at photography, and so on.

Many people struggle in education. I for example, feel like I’m thriving at idea generation and the theory side, but I am lacking in the practical because of opting out of doing another BTec or entry level into university. With a group like this, people can help me in learning about the practical and I can help them in their essays and so on. This does not mean for one minute that we are doing other people’s work for them. That is not the aim. By working together people can achieve a common goal, in this instance: a degree.

Study groups have also aided us in finding more friends. In this industry, making friends in your own profession can be difficult, as it is a survival of the fittest industry. At the moment we are only in education, but there is nothing wrong with getting practise in. By making friends in study groups, we can help each other in the long run. Having allies is always a bonus. If we know each others strengths, we know who we can trust to come to when we need help, or even have jobs passed to us. Working closely with other people can be very beneficial.

Study groups are very exciting concepts, and I will look forward to being a part of one in the next coming weeks, potentially years.