Placement: Background Research for Luxury Events Group

So you recently have arranged a corporate event, or you’ve chosen your wedding venue and set the date. Now what? What is it that will make your event special and memorable? The difference between a get together, or celebration, and a memorable event is in the aesthetics and atmosphere.

Consider this: around 50% of the human brain is involved in visual processing, 70% of all of your sensory receptors are in your eyes and it takes 1/10 of a second for a human to get a sense of a visual scene. With this in mind, making first impressions should mean everything.

If I still do not have you convinced that thought out venue styling should be one of the biggest priorities when planning an event, let me point you to a proven psychological statement: when recalling an event, a human being will be able to recall up to 80% of what they see and do but only 20% of what they read and even worse, only 10% of what they hear.

With the statistics out of the way, what makes a venue go from A place to THE place to be?

Many people worry that their event will become cheesy or tacky if it is decorated, which can happen. The key to great venue dressing though is the stylist. A stylist who listens and has a good eye will not fail to provide you with a venue worth remembering. The stylist can be amazing, can be made redundant if their materials and props are not up to scratch. But what is the difference?

There are many things that perhaps aren’t thought about when it comes to venue styling, by the average person. It is best to ask yourself ‘if I walked into the room, what would I be wowed by and what would I hate’. Let’s start with the first thing people forget to style: chairs. Sure some chares look fine without any covers or bows, but most venues have a standard chair with some awful attempt at an art deco cushion on them. Why should you leave it like that? Those mismatch colours look like you’ve just thrown a room together with the bare essentials just to satisfy the need to sit. Chair covers, often white, can hide a multitude of sins, but can often be stained or off-colour if they are old and worn. With a respectable stylist, they will always be clean and look like new. There is no need for hand-me-down looking chair covers. You may as well keep the original chair in all its tacky glory if you are going to use knock off chair covers.

Chair covers can look crisp and clean, but often too plane. A splash of colour can often go a long way. The colour can match your theme or even your brand’s colour. A sash, made of high quality material can make all the difference, but how should you tie it? A bow can be simple, plain and easy to sort out should it accidentally come undone, but there are many other ways. There is more than one way to tie a bow consider a side bow, knot, rosette, flip over, double wrap knot and so much more. It’s worth taking a look around and see which you feel would look best. It doesn’t take 2minutes to tie a sash, but it will be there until the end of the night. What would you like your guests to be sat on all night?

Tables are at your event too, but how should they be decorated? Of course, they should somewhat match the chairs, but consider the centre piece. What goes in the centre of your table can not only determine how your room will look, but it can also dictate the atmosphere. Large centrepieces can mean that guests across the table will struggle to interact. It may be a good idea to have something bigger on tables that should you have guests that may not be best suited together, but you are struggling for space. Large narrow centrepieces though can add glamour to your venue and still allow your guests to chat without an issue.

Intimate events and weddings often have small centre pieces so that guests can talk a bit more. With all this in mind, smaller centre pieces can often be the answer, but smaller can often go seemingly unnoticed or look tacky. Without a good eye for style and décor, smaller centrepieces may not be a good option. It seems to be a fashion statement now to have a minimalist wedding, but for this to look great, you need a keen eye or a great venue stylist. Less is more can be the case if you have a respected stylist. There is no need for over the top styling when you can make your venue look stunning with the little things.

Centrepieces can come in many different shapes and sizes with popular choices include flowers or candles. Flowers are easy to decide on in the case of a wedding, as they are easy to match with bouquets and buttonholes. Fake flowers that match can sometimes work out cheaper if your wedding stylists can provide them. Make sure you get a chance to look into this first though. There isn’t much that can beat the real thing, but you may be surprised at the quality of fake flowers now.

In regards to candles, though they can look beautiful, consider their placement. When the wax melts, where is that wax going to go? Placing them in a bowl of water is often a good idea, not only because it can add to the centre piece, but also because it could work out a little safer. Most venues will also call for some safety provisions to be put in place before they can agree to the sign off on candles. All wedding stylists are aware of this and will have done their research. You will find that they will have many options for you.

A well-researched wedding stylist will be able to not only provide you with up to date fashion trends in regards to venue styling, but also options that relate to what you are describing to them. Most brides-to-be for example, will have Pinterest boards full of ideas that may or may not be feasible at their budget. A respectable venue stylist will be able to point you in a direction that can create your dreams come true. A stylist would always opt for 10 high quality centrepieces that the desired 100 which although in budget, are not great quality. Of course your decision is final, but sometimes listening to the other options may be in your best interest. After all, would you not want your event to be remembered for the whole experience and not for the tacky appearance?

Do your research before choosing a stylist as sometimes the price can reflect on the work. See a portfolio before you say yes. Finally, remember that your decision will be final, but you need to listen to the advice from the professionals before you act. At Luxury Events Group, we are here to offer listening ears and high quality styling outcomes. Your event needs to be memorable and we would like to help. Contact them today for more information on the services they can provide to you here: