Final Cereal Box

Having finished with the rough prototypes, this is the final, printed on card design.

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In looking at it in the photographs, my conclusion to this project would be, firstly I wish it could have been bigger and secondly I wish that I could use a craft knife a little better. Having seen the physical product, I would be happy, if I had perfected the cutting out and scoring processes, I would be happy to pitch this.

The original idea was to allow children to picture themselves as the super hero or even to be able to play with the box after. As we all know that on Christmas day most children (or big kids) prefer to play with the box than take interest in the present. I even trialed this idea on my young cousins, who loved it.

With all the workshop/thinking and practice module now complete, I can focus on the main projects ready for deadlines, mid may and the start of my internship just after.

Typography Collaboration

Collaboration is an important part of learning and production sometimes. At university we combined our typography projects to create a massive final piece. Below you will find the making of, the mixing up and the solved final piece.

Please check out Sophie Strain‘s blog and Jemma Lynch’s blog.

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Prospects of Animation

When considering a final outcome for any given piece, the question needs to be asked, ‘what reaction am I trying to provoke?’.

If, as explained in my idea proposal, I am to narrate a story with the aide of music, then what conversation am I trying to have with the audience? Will my narration require the audiences response to be a specific emotion, or just to ponder their own lives?

An example of a well animated piece that visually narrated a song is this video for Ryan Woodward’s ‘Thinking of You’. The animators here conversed with the audience telling them a story of life. The response, although not required as with most narrations, was one of provoking thoughts and feeling emotionally connected to the characters. Potentially, the audience thought they were the character and felt like they were having a conversation with the opposing characters. A Conversation in a conversation. I can only hope that my animation will be as successful.

NVL: Cover and Contents

For the new project that concludes all other projects in this design practise, I have constructed the backgrounds, using the knowledge acquires during my other design practise and self directed tutorials. These backgrounds incorporate works from the Earth Artefact project.

ContentsContents page

CoverCover Page