Economical Artistry

Economics pays a critical part in all industries. During the most recent economic crisis in the UK, nearly all industries, bar the creative industries started on plunging into an economic downturn. The creative industry seemed to flourish during this time, and still does. An industry like this, although may have a broad definition, is constantly going to be needed, just like medical and pharmaceutical industries. With social media networks now being the pinnacle of marketing strategies, we need to realise what makes up a successful firm inside the national and global economy.

Marketing, when defined is the action or business of the promotion and sale of a product or service. This may involve a lot of research and advertising.

Research is important to any given form of marketing. Rolls Royce for example, if they had done their research a little better, would have realised sooner that one of their product names would not have gone down well in German due to the name having a totally different meaning if translated. Cultural research may have helped a Chinese firm when they decided to write “God” on their products which were shoes. That in many cultures is considered blasphemous, but also disrespectful, hence the uproar when the products went on sale in certain Arabic states. Colour holds significance in different cultures also, so although branding baby clothes for little girls is Pink in most of the world, in Belgium, pink is worn by baby boys.

With this in mind, if marketing were to be an option for a given person’s creed path, not only must you do your research with what may or mayn’t offend a given audience and clientele, but also what a given economy is doing. If, for example, oil runs out, the likes of Lego and Hasbro would struggle to make their products that are specifically made of plastic. Their prices would increase due to a lack of supply and the ability to produce a product, so how many parents would still buy their children the products if prices were to increase. As an economics student at college, I can tell you that toys will forever be an inelastic product due to the fact that most parents are willing to spend a lot of money on their kids, especially at christmas. But the point still remains that factors such as new laws and regulations, natural disasters and other factors can have serious effects on any given industry.

Perhaps the creative industry, at a first glance, is just about drawing pretty pictures, but really there is a lot more to it and although practice based research is still yet to be defined, we should consider the bigger picture in all aspects of our little worlds.

Outcomes of Regret

Today I went to the sad double, funeral of a Lieutenant Commander and his wife. I was asked by the care home to show his daughter how he had answered the questions. The last one in particular.

The funeral was a gunshot funeral, which was a new experience for me. Have ministers as parents, I have been to many funerals, none like this. For a start, there were gunshots fired to salute the life of the man. The other major difference, was the fact it was a double funeral. Both him and his wartime sweetheart had passed away within a few days of each other. Maybe it is true, you can die of a broken heart.

After the funeral, with the guidance of the matron of the home introduced me to their daughter. I explained to her that I was doing a project at university and that I had met her parents. I showed her the answers he had given one of which was that he regretted not spending a lot of time with his daughter and that if he could tell future generations one thing, that he would say that they should cherish the time they have with their family, because life will flash by and you’ll regret it later. The daughter broke down crying and gave me a hug.  I can only hope that I did the right thing by listening to the nursing home.

This project has had a major impact, and it’s not just me that it is affecting. I think that once I reach one hundred service men and women, I will publish this as a first volume.



Time Capsule Project

Contacting so many armed forces personnel today it is unreal. Anyone here in the armed forces or have family in the armed forces that wants to be a part of my Graphic project. All you have to do is answer 3 questions:

1. What is your best/favourite memory?
2. What is a tough time you have worked through?
3. If you could tell future generations one thing, what would it be?

Please get in contact with me via the link below