Final Cereal Box

Having finished with the rough prototypes, this is the final, printed on card design.

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In looking at it in the photographs, my conclusion to this project would be, firstly I wish it could have been bigger and secondly I wish that I could use a craft knife a little better. Having seen the physical product, I would be happy, if I had perfected the cutting out and scoring processes, I would be happy to pitch this.

The original idea was to allow children to picture themselves as the super hero or even to be able to play with the box after. As we all know that on Christmas day most children (or big kids) prefer to play with the box than take interest in the present. I even trialed this idea on my young cousins, who loved it.

With all the workshop/thinking and practice module now complete, I can focus on the main projects ready for deadlines, mid may and the start of my internship just after.

Cereal Creations

In a new mini worshop brief, we have had the opportunity to create a hypothetical cereal for children. For this we needed to consider character design, box design, product names and so on.

Here is the initial moodboard for the packaging:

After a few initial sketches, and a character designed I came up with the following ideas:

Character design:

scan011 scan012 scan013

Box design:


With a lot of discussion with young family members and others, I decided to put forward my idea of having a superhero styled box with a cape, that would just be the chest of said superhero. The “super duck” idea was a winner by far. In looking into the ergonomics and aesthetics, one must also consider shelfspace. For this reason, I expanded the idea further to have the shape of the box inverted and have a super villian to sell along side. Further development will be needed.