Mood Boards

Mood board can vary in how they are designed. After having a search around I came up with a Pintrest.

As we all had seperate mood boards to produce, we all had our own individual styles:

Yorkshire and Huddersfield (By Myself):


The Cotton Factory in General (by Gaynor Thorpe)


The Cotton Factory’s Target Audience (By Rebecca Shaw):


Competition (By Lauren Winstanley):


Story Line for Animation

Pixar’s Up demonstrated the power of music to go along side a piece of animation. The actual animation was one of the best crafted piece of story telling in the modern age. For this reason, considering a montage would perhaps be an idea. It would make the piece relatable to more people and would also show the stages of Love, to symbolise how it grows.

With this in mind, how will the montage be laid out? A few main story lines have become clear from initial idea generation. The idea of falling in love is one that happens in different ways for everyone, but it is actually conveying this concept.

From one perspective, it could be the initial stages of falling in love. As a dance sequence, the story line could be more a metaphoric piece of narration. The characters see each other, one of them asks the other to dance, initial clumsy steps, finally dancing perfectly, continue dancing, perhaps through seasons etc, and then end with  a kiss.

It is an idea, but perhaps more of an animation like in the first Ice Age film, where Manny’s back story is given light. Where context is given and then a main story is stated. With this in mind, perhaps just a story of love would be required. For example a first date, special occasion or how the couple met or even saying final goodbyes. The emotions that go along with saying final goodbyes, could be quite interesting to convey. It would explore the use of colour, speed, and imagery in general.

I will story board various ideas, and come to a conclusion. All ideas so far are plausible whilst still keeping with the brief I have created with the parameters from the initial brief: Conversation.