Know Your Allies

The idea of a placement is that you get hands on experience in a real work environment. Though this perhaps could mean that there are no safety nets, you are also open to a lot of helpful people, but you need to learn who they are. In my placement so far, I have found that just because someone had a specific job title and you are an intern, it doesn’t mean that they (a) have the time to explain something or (b) are good at explaining things.

I have learnt a lot in the past few months but the biggest thing I have learnt so far, is who to go to if I need a hand in a specific field. Inside the office, there are specific people that are available to me when I need to ask questions. Though I have almost two full notebooks already of ‘how to’s’, ‘advice’ and ‘reminders’ it is clear that by the time I get back to university I will be better at asking for help.

As an independent and proud person, I have always struggled to ask for help, but here, there isn’t much of an option. Though I do some research outside of the work place, an internship is for asking questions, learning and applying knowledge. Perhaps the main focus of an internship is not necessarily teaching someone skills, but perhaps it is more for encouraging and learning how to apply skills as well as learning being a humbling experience.

By asking questions, you not only learn how to do things, but you can also build key relationships with members of staff. Here at BWAR, I have manages to gain a lot of insight in not only how apps and websites are built, but also a lot outside of my field. On a daily basis, I not only deal with customers, but I can also be learning about how to adjust simple CSS and so on.

The staff here are encouraging and understand that everything is a learning curve. Everyone here has multiple job roles and can do many diverse jobs in one day. From tech support to app creation, there is a lot that each member of staff can do. This also means that should one individual be busy, as this is a quick paced environment and also only a small business, someone else can help me. Though I am still learning, I aspire to be like them. A diverse job role, such as this one can aide in future prospects.

With no two days being the same, the learning potential here does not have a limit as such, the limit is merely in what questions I ask. As the weeks go on, I know that I will never stop learning, whether it is the meaning of key words or how to deal with an awkward customer.

Live Brief: University Promo

We were each given a statistic for our university, Huddersfield, and told to make a ten second, simple animation in university colours. This project was done under stict time restraints (4hours).

After two quick Adobe Illustrator file creations, this is the final outcome:

Camera Tracking

After creating a layered vector image on Adobe Illustrator, we converted it into After Effects and added camera tracking.

Vector Sarah Lesson AE bigger artboard

As the amera pulls out, it appears like the perspective changes. If applied correctly, videos could make an audience feels like they are walking through the scene.

Animation Considerations

I recalled seeing this video a few years ago at my family’s church. I think that from an animation stand point, perhaps this may be a better idea, with the time constraints we have on this project.

Whilst using digital tutors, I have slowly been learning how to use an active camera setting in Adobe After Effects. This would create a similar effect. With the ability to still use my own drawing style and combine these new lessons with the ones we are currently learning about simple animations, I could easily create an animation in this manner.

Trial and error will be the pinnacle of learning how to attempt this. With the deadline approaching, I work well under pressure, so I am excited to work until the end of this project.

After Effects Tutorial: Textures and Simple Animation

This was as part of an on going lecture series on different softwares.

During this lecture we learned about various aspects on animation including importing Illustrator files, using the wiggler effect, adding textures, making layers parent layers and simple animation techniques.

Animation Test 1

This is my first attempt at animation. Although nothing really happens, the figures breathe and move slightly. This is only eight hand drawn frames, in the style of ‘Manny’s Story’ from Ice Age.

Pro’s: This animation is simple to do. it shows motion.

Con’s: It is a long process.