Dark Tales

The story of Alice in Wonderland is one that has been told and retold, with each take getting more insane. The actual book is very dark and so I decided to make a final outcome to reflect on that.

The story is about being thrown into the rabbit hole and the fall you get when you start to mix reality with te impossible. Though the book may have been based on drug use, I wanted to create an outcome that highlights the key audience: “The parent’s of”.

Not many people still dream when they get older, all they see, or remember is darkness. Therefore, I have made all of the illustrations in this style. Please find below the hare and the hatter. You may need to tilt your screens, but look hard and be pulled down the rabbit hole…

Page Insert 1

Alice In Wonderland Cover (wo sticker)

Hare Development

After looking into the styles of illustration I have researched in my mood board and deliberations of my initial idea, I decided to create a cross over between the adult and child appropriate sketches. The hare I drew for the adult side of the book, is age appropriate for children. With this in mind I attempted to work on different styles I could develop him into, after deciding he would fit best on the cover.

The cover for a children’s book needs to entice and being that the hare was the reason why Alice fell down the rabbit hole, not just LSD as childhood spoilers suggest, he would be the perfect character to entice an audience.


Time BunnyTime Bunny 2  Time Bunny3

Brief Interpretation

The brief states “For parents of…”, which made me question the brief. By challenging it, and seeing how other corporations have dealt with parameters like this, I came up with the idea that the illustrations will contain an element of innuendo. Disney and other companies have often placed adult humour in amongst children’s programs and films.

These are my initial sketches for the adult side of the book. I have given three of the characters almost a Fifty Shades of Grey element to them as research has proven that it is mostly female care givers who read to their children:

scan007 scan008



Alice in Wonderland Mood Board

For a new brief I have opted to do, I have to re-design the cover and a select page illustration for the imaginative book Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. I looked into three different aspects: the first being the actual company it is for (undisclosed), the actual book and what is associated with it and finally illustrative inspiration. Please feel free to take a look at the mood boards below:


Although the Cotton Factory has shut down, the company who own it are confident they could be reopening it in the future, the owners of the building have given us permission to continue using the venue as a case study.

With this in mind, we have practically been granted freedom to redesign the whole of the Cotton Factory. We can choose a new audience, whilst keeping the area in mind and the bigger brand who owns the company, and change it into a more specific venue. This place was branded as a pizza kitchen, bar, sports bar, night club, restaurant and cocktail bar. This means that we can choose a concept to rebrand it as, from the concepts we came up with as a group, above.

I, personally, will be investgating the concept of making it both a restaurant and a nightclub/bar, as it originally was, whilst the rest of my colleagues explore the possibilities of it just being a bar, restaurant and a historic venue. When we come back we will decide which directions we want to branch off into.

DJ Booth Design

Perhaps the pinacle of any club. Looking into what other people have done with the booths in their clubs, it is clear to see that it is missing a potential marketing ploy.

If the re brand were to go a head, the DJ Booth would be viewed by every person who went there. Therefore, the booth should match the rest of the interior and should fit to the brand guidelines, potentially containing the newly designed logo.


Interior Design

After the logo, interior design can often be what sets a company off from the others. When looking into the competition, places such as Warehouse, which is a sports bar, are specifically designed for purpose and audience, whilst maintaining an individual key look.

For this reason, I looked into how interior design can be planned and how it links to graphic design.