Academia In Adobe

Week commencing 10th February, taught me that there is a lot more to graphics than the philosophy and making work pieces. In the tutorial session, we briefly went over how to use Adobe Premiere Pro.

It brought me back to high school’s ICT and business communication lessons. It refreshed my memory on what certain terms mean and what the abbreviations for items were. Part of me regrets saying “When will I ever need this in the real world”. I think it’s like karma. Thankfully, I remembered the majority.

We learnt about file formats, and what they would be best suited for, for example, the differences in using R3D formats to Standard HDV. File sizes and quality are a key point to think about when choosing these formats. 

We looked further int how we could save the documents, for example we could use multiple devices that had RAM in them, to help speed up the working process. Many people, including myself, would probably get frustrated at how slow a computer can get when working on large files. 

Finally, during this tutorial, we learnt how edit a video, briefly. There were three ways to “cut” a video piece: using the razor tool, using ripple delete and a 3 point edit. All of which were effective and couple be used when editing real documents.