Placement Year Update

In recent months I have been settling into the company I have managed to secure a placement with: BWAR!. The company itself is only small but is fast paced and has meant that for myself, no two days are the same. Based in Staffordshire it is lively and a place and will offer me a lot to learn.

In the beer garden after work with some amazing people #internlife #guinness #spoons @jdwetherspoons

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My initial few months have been an eye opener and curve ball. I have been thankful of the amazing team I am surrounded by and the support they have given. The training I have been through so far has been clear and will help me in my future endeavours. My actual job title here is one that is flexible. Although I am a Graphic Design intern, I also take on other roles. Most specifically, I also write content and slightly delve into customer service. I feel like working for a smaller company will offer me a more rounded experience due to the fact I have many different job roles.

BWAR! are host to other companies and have many resellers. The company sells website, apps and print work to various companies, mostly to tradesmen and small business. From a day to day basis, I could be calling many different clients, or doing work for many different clients. I could be calling a client to ask questions about their business so that I can write the content for their homepage and about us, the next I could be creating the graphics for an app. The limitations of my job role seem non-existent and that is why I feel that this placement year will enlighten me.

So far I have made what feels like a hundred logos and other graphics as well as written hundreds of pieces of content for various companies up and down the UK. I know that for everything that I have done, though my name is not next to each individual piece, I have helped someone. This job is rewarding, knowing that my artwork and writing is out there.

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Though naming client I have worked for so hard, whilst being a part of the team here are confidential, I know that I can display certain aspects of the work I do and what I learn whilst I am here, including the work I do internally.

Since working here I have learnt a lot and I know I will continue to learn whilst I am here, whether I am working with clients, or the company itself. I will also learn humility, the same as I did when working in sales. Sometimes a client will not like what they see, on other days, you will see banners and logos you create out in the big wide world that though you are not happy with, the client is. It is key in this job to remember that not only is the customer is always right, but also that it is ok to ask questions.

Mothering Sunday

Chosen Paths

This week I was asked to give a few presentations to some students in regards to my time at their establishments and my paths to and from there. I am not the best at public speaking, but it was an honour that I was asked back in order to give these presentations.

After thinking it over, I decided not to sugar coat life in education. I was going to tell my story honestly.

See the presentation here and read on for my what I had to say

Back in 2009 it was the year where we had our options at high school. Before we were allowed to submit our forms, we had to take various quizzes and listen to various assemblies and pitches by teachers. I seriously did not know what I wanted to be when I grew up let alone knew what I wanted to take as options when I was barely 13. At the time, I was also in the more able and gifted and talented group and there were certain expectations.

In the end I decided to keep up with Mandarin Chinese as an extra curricular, due to excelling in languages, but as part of my options chose applied French, triple science and an art and design BTec. I decided to keep it broad as I didn’t want to suddenly wake up one day and have a revelation as to what I wanted to be and it not have anything to do with the courses I studied.

My options were also based on what I did outside of school. I was a part of the engineering club for example, so I knew I liked physics and mathematics. The other side though was that I loved cooking. To myself however there was no way in my brain, at the time where I could fathom how to mix everything I loved to make a final outcome.

In early 2010, I undertook a foreign exchange to Chateauneuf, Limousin, in France. I wanted to feel what it was like when you applied knowledge, especially in the subjects I wasn’t to in to. For myself though, this is where my life took a turn.

On the flight back I fell ill and over the following months had many bereavements. For this reason I missed out on a lot of school. On my return, because I was so far behind, having missed a good few months, and not being able to manage a full week at school, I was placed in social exclusion. Most teachers did not have the time to help me catch up, so I spent most of the remaining time at high school, around a year and a half, self directing my own learning.

This shook me, as it would any person. I lost a few friends a long the way as I couldn’t go out with them like everyone else and I could not go to class with them. I felt like I had missed so much. My self confidence and my social skills seemed to diminish every day I was in social exclusion and was off sick.

With the knowledge that most of what I had learnt had come from books and BBC Bitesize, I felt, for the first time in a long time, that I needed a safety net. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do at sixth form, or even if I would get into sixth form. Regardless, I applied to do economics, English language, graphic design and maths with statistics. My back up was a BTec in public services as I knew it would lead me straight into a job as it was practical and allowed for hands on experience.

Come results day, I almost had a heart attack. I decided to brave it and go without my parents to pick up my GCSE results. Somehow, miraculously, I had managed to receive 14 GCSE’s with 11 of them being either A*’s or A’s. The rest bar one were B’s and I got one C. My BTec I got a triple distinction*. I was over the moon. It brought with it so much self confidence back.

I decided to go to college to do my A levels, but it was difficult to re-immerse myself in a class room setting again. It took a lot of support and a few weeks, but I managed it. When you know you want something, you will do anything in your power to get it. For me, this included asking for help. For me, asking for help was the most humbling thing I ever did. I was always a person who would never ask for help and just attempt to do something.

Due to the amazing support I received, I got into University. From being ill for so long and going through some very rough times, I decided that art and design would no longer be a form of escapism. Life was too short. I needed to make it into something, something for myself. A degree in graphic design seemed like the perfect option as it mixed my academic side with my love of art. The University of Huddersfield offered a broad course and allows us to learn about everything from theory and business to how to use certain software and how to create things.

University, I feel has and still is helping me so much in both my education and potential career prospects to myself as a person. I have learnt so much about myself from living away from home. Not only have I learnt how to budget and so on, but I’ve also met some amazing people who I know will do great in life. I have immersed myself with a great friendship group and have had many opportunities both in and out of university.

I look to the future with great hope and prospect, and can only hope that the stress that I have been through as both a student and person have been worth it. I feel prepared to graduate either next year or the year after, according to whether I get a placement. I feel prepared for the world of employment. Most of all, I feel prepared to face life as it comes. I am stronger today than I was all those years ago, and I know that all I need to do is ask for help and attempt to knock on doors.

Latch Charity

In the past few years, this charity has helped members of my family tremendously.

Please show your support here and help my cousin reach her goal in appriciation for what Latch has done for her and her daughter:

Behind Bars

Behind the bars there are curiosities

They gaze at our every move

They guard us from them

Prowling around, watching and waiting for a millimetre of mistake

I want to do something but fear they’ll laugh

I can’t talk to them, they just think it’s cute

Their skin and fur fascinates us as it changes between them

Their eyes are one of wonder

The smaller ones look at us with innocence but we know the truth

They grow up killers

Perhaps the bars do keep us safe

Safe from them

As we only allow select few to aide us

They are the beasts not us

Danger is Beautiful

Humans are drawn to danger. Danger is all around us and yet we seem to see the beauty in it. During winter we see ice and snow as one of the most photogenic landscapes, and yet more deaths occur in winter.

Whilst in Berlin, I went to the Zoo and Aquarium. The jelly fish displays were ones of a hypnotic nature. Dazzled by these deadly animals, we almost forget that one sting could kill you. Here are some photos:

Holocaust Memorial: Berlin

As I wander through the dark depth of history, lest we forget whom has fallen.

Though wars have passed and memories fracture the very foundations of where I stand, lest we forget the horror.

Through culture and respect I see the memorial, towering so high up above lest we forget the purpose behind the blocks that make me feel so small.

In the distance I see the lonely, recalling the history books, lest we forget the innocence lost.

The silence around falls loudly around me, lest we turn deaf to ancestors screams we still hear.

The broken remnants of the scars left behind, the deaths we know were not needed, lest we forget where we have trod in reference to where we shall go.

Though now the snow and ice lay sweetly round and the cityscapes with views of here, lest we forget the reasons why we mourn in the maze of the tribute that stands before us now.

Still picking up the pieces of time gone by, lest we forget how to move on.

But how much can we move forward with cuts so deep, lest we never stop to hold hands and remember them.

Christmas Greetings

From my Grandparent’s house in Caerphilly, I would like to wish all of my followers, friends and family a Merry Christmas.

As today arrives, let us not forget those cards we didn’t have to send this year. This year, I lost both my great Aunt, who was a major fundraiser for BLESMA, but I also lost a grandmother, who was a very inspirational woman, who would have been 100 in November. We must also, not forget those who have fallen this past year, be it military or in fortune.

As you open your gifts, remember that we are the fortunate ones. The smile on your face when you eat and open cards and gifts are what makes this time special.

Make a stranger smile today. Everyone deserves a good Christmas.

Merry Christmas to all