After working for for two weeks and doing work experience with them, they have kindly sent me a reference. This will certainly help me with my future endeavours.

To whom this may concern.

I am the social networker/public relations manager at Misspap. We are a fast fashion based online company that sells mainstream female clothing, we also have eight stores based in the north west area under the name of ‘Paparatzzi’ also selling the same stock we base on our website. We have been a fast fashion based company for just over ten years in high street stores until just under two years ago we decided to take it to the next stage and create a website for the brand. 
When Ruth asked to join us for a week here at Misspap, we were delighted for a new fresh faced intern to come and join our company and give us her insights on what she thought she could bring to us in a graphic design point of view. Ruth was full of many brilliant ideas and was very enthuststic about working with us and trying new things!
Whilst Ruth was here she had untaken many different tasks from email marketing edits, Facebook adverts, getting involved in our photoshoots, banners for our website and many more, she also got involved with a lot of team meetings giving her insight on what she thought would look good with what product, etc.
After working with Ruth for only a week we were very keen in having her work for us full time as we thought she could become a key person in our business in all elements and as she was also a delight to work with. We have offered Ruth a freelance position for the time being and would always be open for her to come and work with us again!
Kind Regards
Toni Kinsella – Misspap

Work Placement: Day 5 (Final Day)

This work placement was phenomenal. I was made to feel at home and so welcomed. I was grateful for all the experience and the opportunities. I made many friends here, whilst still working solidly. I am very thankful of the job opportunity, and I will look forward to working with the company on a paid basis in the near future.

Today’s work was to make images for a mass email to subscribers. It was interesting to see what was involved. Images can, of course, be seen on Misspap’s site and the emails I created should be out in the next few weeks.

Work Placement: Day 4

I did a lot of design work today. It’s nice to see that the current front page, on their website, is all of my stuff bar the Necklace image. I also helped remake the company’s logo, which I am very proud to see the outcome in the next couple of weeks.

Aside from this, I sadden as I realise that tomorrow is my last day. I have loved my time here. I was expecting to just fetch people coffees and not actually do any work as such. I was pleasantly surprised, not to mention a little thankful. I don’t do well just sitting and twiddling my thumbs. I have made many friends here and I will be reluctant to say goodbye light-heartedly.

Work Placement: Day 3

Besides design work, the company offered to let me shadow various members of the company. Today, I shadowed at a photo-shoot in-between continuing with design work.

Watching the clothes get styled, and learning new vocabulary for the types of photos was interesting. The use of lighting and the types of camera, although not new to me, still intrigued me. I’ve noticed that the concept of time being money is quite relevant here. The photo-shoots were very quick and straight to the point, in order to meet deadlines by this evening. Deadlines are crucial in more ways than one. If something runs late, it can affect so much more than just a late delivery, it’s more of a domino effect.

From the hangers, to the model, to online. The process is key to learn in the profession I would like to go into. The need to be able to critique models, although may not seem kind, it is, as I have witnessed, very much a needed skill. Honesty is the best policy and if a model doesn’t fit the bill, then it can be adjusted. Another thing that I have learnt, is that to help boost sales on prior stock, they just re-advertise it. As long as an item is rebranded, it will continue to sell.

Sadly, today I also learnt some harsh realities about the fashion industry. Regardless of these facts I learnt today, I am still spurred on to continue in this profession.

Work Placement: Day 2

The moment that you realise that working from half 8 in the morning til half 6 at night, is worth it, was when I saw my designs “in action”. Today, I worked solidly, and got so much done. It;s amazing how much you can do when you get your head in the game. Seeing my designs come to life on the company’s site, made me smile. It’s something that I can say “I did that” and actually be proud of it.


One thing I learnt today was that sometimes designs will need to be changed at the last minute, for example: today just as I submitted an approved design, a product got recalled so one little thing on my piece needed to be changed. Due to not labelling layers properly and merging a few layers, t took longer than it should have to revisit it. With this in mind, it will shape me for future works. Although labelling layers on Photoshop may be time consuming, it will inevitable, or hypothetically, help in the future. Designs could also be recycled if need be.

Although I am working in a friendly environment for this week, we still get work done, to high qualities and standards. If this is what the design industry is like, then I can’t wait to get involved full time. I am so happy in this placement.


Work Placement: Day 1


Today was very exciting: it was my first day at The staff here are very friendly and helpful. Even though the company is fairly new, it seems busy and there is always plenty to do.

I learned many skills today, mostly about how pieces actually work on social media, i.e. how an audience perceives them and what audience sees them. Today I used my photoshop skills to make an advert for a competition and almost completed some images to be put into an e-mail, sent out to subscribers.

I will be very intrigued as to how well my pieces work and look forward to the feedback at the end of my placement on Friday. I could not have asked for a better first day.

Bring on Tuesday!