Although the Cotton Factory has shut down, the company who own it are confident they could be reopening it in the future, the owners of the building have given us permission to continue using the venue as a case study.

With this in mind, we have practically been granted freedom to redesign the whole of the Cotton Factory. We can choose a new audience, whilst keeping the area in mind and the bigger brand who owns the company, and change it into a more specific venue. This place was branded as a pizza kitchen, bar, sports bar, night club, restaurant and cocktail bar. This means that we can choose a concept to rebrand it as, from the concepts we came up with as a group, above.

I, personally, will be investgating the concept of making it both a restaurant and a nightclub/bar, as it originally was, whilst the rest of my colleagues explore the possibilities of it just being a bar, restaurant and a historic venue. When we come back we will decide which directions we want to branch off into.

DJ Booth Design


Perhaps the pinacle of any club. Looking into what other people have done with the booths in their clubs, it is clear to see that it is missing a potential marketing ploy.

If the re brand were to go a head, the DJ Booth would be viewed by every person who went there. Therefore, the booth should match the rest of the interior and should fit to the brand guidelines, potentially containing the newly designed logo.


Interior Design


After the logo, interior design can often be what sets a company off from the others. When looking into the competition, places such as Warehouse, which is a sports bar, are specifically designed for purpose and audience, whilst maintaining an individual key look.

For this reason, I looked into how interior design can be planned and how it links to graphic design.

Hollywood Madness


Over the years Hollywood have stereotyped various people in specific professions. For example, in any movie with a scientist in will either have the audience percieve them as insane or as an evil, god complexed person.

Artists and designers on other hand have had a developing stereotype. Before the 80’s, designers were percieved as problem solvers and boffins. Hollywood stated they were pragmatists in doing but always seemed to stereotype them as angry people that got straight to the point, even if it was insane for example in the following trailer:

After the 80’s however, we notice a development which shows designers and artists being seen as “hipster” and “image centric”. Although this may still be the case, we must realise that as the years have developped the art and design industry has become a newly accepted part of society. Excentric personalities were just a way of bringing a “newness” in an already well established society. Examples of this newr stereotype can be seen here:

The true question is: where is Hollywood at with the stereotyping now? Most films now perceieve the art and design worlds in two ways. On one hand they will show the fact that a degree in “art” will make someone unemployable and that people in this world are just idealists. Perhaps it should be questioned in a modern day society if having a degree is worth it in general. With getting employed after graduation being so difficult, due to the jobs market being very closed and students typically having very little practical experience and being thousands of pounds in debt, is University really all it’s cracked up to be? Perhaps this is just Hollywood trying to show a realist view on life as opposed to having a dig at a specific course. Examples of artists and designers in this state can include the stereotypes in the following movie:

In the alternaete world, the art and design industry is percieved as a very dog eat dog world. It is hinted that it’s good to stand out from the crowd, but no matter what, there will be a stereotype if yu want to succeed. This is perhaps the most realistic perception of the industry as a whole: people kill to be at the top. To make it, you may have to step on a few toes to get noticed since there are so many people after the same opportunities. Hollywood could be making a steroetype for all industries though, especially with the job market being so difficult to enter right now, so it’s trying to tell people who want in to just get a back bone.