Learning From Life

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I think it’s key to learn from your mistakes. After receiving a high pass for my first year of university, I have been focusing on how I can boost my own business.

From being at Misspap, I learnt about timings of Facebook posts, though have only just discovered how to do this myself. Of late I have started to branch out onto twitter and ask for aid in advertising, through friends, and some friends who have their own businesses.

From talking to one of my friends, Author of Missing Gretyl, Simon Page, he told me about the benefits of using tinyURLs, as opposed to just using links. TinyURLs can make a post look a little less ‘wordy’ and cluttered. A normal URL will never seem appealing unless it is the main websites page. I think that this had helped me a lot and I will continue to learn as I go along.

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Social Media

June 18, 2014 § 1 Comment

Social Media advertising is one of the fastest growing way of advertising. For this reason I have been experimenting with my own facebook page. From working with Misspap, I have learnt this. Also from working there, I learnt about the specific sizes for social media ads. The images that I have created, or ads, have all been experimental work I have created as I continue to learn about my own abilities.

With the help of a few friends my post had over 200 hits in 24 hours. Today I have released another post, and I hope that my following will grow with the next coming weeks.

FB1 Vintage



Outcomes of Regret

June 5, 2014 § 1 Comment

Today I went to the sad double, funeral of a Lieutenant Commander and his wife. I was asked by the care home to show his daughter how he had answered the questions. The last one in particular.

The funeral was a gunshot funeral, which was a new experience for me. Have ministers as parents, I have been to many funerals, none like this. For a start, there were gunshots fired to salute the life of the man. The other major difference, was the fact it was a double funeral. Both him and his wartime sweetheart had passed away within a few days of each other. Maybe it is true, you can die of a broken heart.

After the funeral, with the guidance of the matron of the home introduced me to their daughter. I explained to her that I was doing a project at university and that I had met her parents. I showed her the answers he had given one of which was that he regretted not spending a lot of time with his daughter and that if he could tell future generations one thing, that he would say that they should cherish the time they have with their family, because life will flash by and you’ll regret it later. The daughter broke down crying and gave me a hug.  I can only hope that I did the right thing by listening to the nursing home.

This project has had a major impact, and it’s not just me that it is affecting. I think that once I reach one hundred service men and women, I will publish this as a first volume.



Wedding Stationery

June 1, 2014 § 1 Comment

With Wedding season just around the corner, and me being finished for the year at university, my business is even easier to work on. Please help me out.

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New Visual Language

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Here is the link to my final magazine proposal.



Easy Reading: Laws and Censorship

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The world as we know it has always been governed by rules. Postmodern artists see rules as something to be broken. New discoveries and ideas can never be made from following basic principles. Rules can affect the art world and we must be conscious of the boundaries we push.

The Image of Law is a treatise written to take the idea of the conceptual and suggests we evolve a particular style of thinking. We assume, in law, that a judiciary applies laws that have already been set. Theorist and philosopher Lefebvre tries to explain that the concept of judgement as largely involving a set of creative strategies. A case could involve many complex situations and may have many potential outcomes.

When the law is questioned, or broken by an artist, although they may receive consequences, they are not persecuted as much and are not subsequently sentenced fairly. Examples can be seen in the celebrity world where they receive punishment for doing wrong that would be the equivalent of fining the average person two pence. It appears that famous artists get away with a lot more in a jury based trial as they can afford better defence lawyers. In conclusion, arts can push boundaries as the punishments do not take into account these people’s earnings.

In attempting to challenge the laws around us, protests and political art can be very powerful. Advertising campaigns such as those that PETA and Guerrilla Girls have used, acquire shock tactics in order to be noticed. Although these tactics may work, they can often be for the wrong reasons. For every controversial decision, there is a backlash.

Being controversial can often be percieved as offensive and questions how far an artist can push are often raised. A child will often push boundaries set by parents, but only so far as they know there will be a punishment. Grotesque images often make a point and through influential manipulation can change the mind of an audience. Many parents agree that these types of campaigns are not suitable for all eyes.

Graphic images and bold art pieces need to be made for a specific audience and for persons with high levels of maturity. Artists such as Damien Hirst keep their artwork in a gallery so that not everyone is forced to witness it. Art based on mortality is definitely for more specialised audience. The purpose of these pieces would not be critical and not forced upon public, like in Banksy’s work.

There are of course both pros and cons to censorship. Children learn through experience. The question of why we shouldn’t show controversial items to our children still remains. Many still question if it would be robbing our children of their innocence if we did show them.

In conclusion, controversial art should be distributed wisely and not overly censored. During both World Wars the government created censorship laws so that soldiers’ letters home and the newspapers would not worry the general public. Propaganda causes paranoia.

We do not want to cause a negative uprising. We strive to change the world for the better. The viewing of this kind of artwork though should be up to the potential viewers discretion and should not be forced upon someone.

Easy Reading: Childhood Game

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GMA 3946

We all know the game where we start a drawing, hide what we have drawn and let someone else continue the picture. Not many people know that its actual name is “The Exquisite Corpse” and it was invented by surrealists in the 30’s, pioneered by André Breton. The concept of this mere childhood game is a lot broader than it initially seems.

When I was a child, the exquisite corpse was played to both entertain and to break the ice in classroom settings. In one sense you could say that this game attempted to fill the void of loneliness. Also, the segments of each drawing can be analysed from a psychological stand point to try and gain insights into who a person is. A logical progression could show signs of an intelligent person; an elaborate progression would show a creative mind ; an innappropriate progression could show signs of an immature mind. If each part of the drawing can tell us a lot about an individual player then the exquisite corpse is a gateway to knowing someone, filling the void of the absence of knowledge.

There are many perspectives taken on the theory of the exquisite corpse. The Steve Sandvoss film, “The Exquisite Corpse” and the famous novel “Frankenstein” demonstrates filling the void of companionship. Frankenstein’s monster was constructed to remove the pangs of loneliness, though it did not work too well in his favour. In the Sandvoss film, multiple women are harvested in order to save one life, curing death, filling the void, once again, of loneliness and to eradicate the feelings of the loss of a loved one.

In the movie “The Exquisite Corpse Project” the concept of the exquisite corpse was taken to a written form, in order to bring a group of friends together for one last time. The concept was used to mask, for just a few moments, the fact that they will all soon be dispersed and will inevitably be lonely without their close companions near. Each section scripted by each individual, can be psychoanalysed, each segment represents each person and shows that there is quite a contrast in everyone’s writing style. This could possibly be a metaphor for psychological distancing between each character as their inevitability of leaving each other becomes more real.

The anthropmorphising and personifying of the exquisite corpse is a matter of life. The international film project of the exquisite corpse brought people together for one common finality just like the process of farming and produce selling. Someone will plant the food, but it takes many people and stages before that food can be eaten after being bought. This process would be for the inevitable filling of the void of hunger.

In applying the exquisite corpse concept to the bigger picture, life is what it is all about. Life is made up of segments and the final outcome of each set of segments will fill some sort of void.


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